Ready or not, here I come!

Hi, my mommy and daddy thought it would be special if I let you know the big news. They’re pregnant! (I’m not sure what that means, but they assure me that it’s exciting!)

I don’t know most of you folks, but mommy and daddy say I’ll get to meet the world around Christmas time (December 18th-ish?). I don’t know why I have to wait so long. Maybe I’m grounded.

They don’t know if I’m a boy or a girl yet, I’m keeping that to myself for now. I may let them know in the next few weeks if they don’t act up too much.

Here’s my first picture. I was only 8 and a half weeks old – and as you can see, I was having a bad hair day. I’m 14 weeks old now, and should be getting another picture taken soon. I’m way more mature now, so you may not even recognize me.

My mommy and daddy are so excited. And so is someone named “Koby”. I’m not sure he completely understands yet though, because he keeps barking when I’m trying to get my beauty sleep and mommy keeps telling him to stop stepping on her tummy. Maybe I can teach him how to behave after I arrive.

Whew. This blogging stuff sure does make a fetus tired. I better go rest and grow.

Smell ya later,

[Baby] Curry