18 months old today!

Emma Katherine Curry is 18 months old today. I can hardly believe it. She has become such a little lady in just the last few weeks! Reality set in yesterday at the mall when I had to venture from the baby section to the big girl section to look for clothes in several stores. Switching from 18 month clothes to 2T clothes is quite a promotion!

Robin and I go to bed every night talking about Emma- what she’s doing, how she’s changing, what we’re in for, etc. We just love her to pieces.

I thought I’d write a little letter to Emma that she can read later on about the Top Ten things we love about her at 18 months:


Dear Emma Katherine,

Your daddy and I love you so much! You’re the best thing that ever happened to us. I want to share with you the

“Top Ten things we love about you at 18 months old”:

1. The way you call your daddy “Rah Rah” or “Robby” in a very demanding voice. NO one calls your daddy Robby so we find it very funny that you’ve given him that nickname. We wonder if you’re going to be THAT kid that calls their parents by their first name.

2. The way you organize things into perfect groups. You love to arrange shampoo bottles, canned goods, kleenex, shoes, etc. When you are in the “mode” of arranging things, there is NO stopping you- you are very devoted to your work. Daddy and I have called your works of art “stonehenges.”

3. The way you NEVER stop moving. I have never met a more active child. Changing your diaper is like wrestling a monkey. We treasure the times that you sit in our laps for like 10 seconds. You are always on the move.

4. The way you read books to yourself in your crib. From the time you were 9 months old we would find you in your crib turning the pages of the books and jibber-jabbering some words as you pointed to the pages. I’m sure you’ve made up tons of stories in your own head.

5. The way you love your Koby dog. My goodness you are in love with him. You ask for him from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. You follow him around the house. You feed him food from your highchair. You love to sit by him and ON him. He really is your best friend. We hate to break it to you, but we don’t think he loves you back equally. It’s ok though, because you’re clueless about that!

6. The way you mimic us. You laugh when we laugh, cough when we cough, sneeze when we sneeze. At first we thought you were making fun of us, now we just realize you want to be just LIKE us. You don’t miss anything! You also like to mimic birds and sirens.

7. The way you slowly warm up to new environments. You are such a thinker. You take everything in. You are very cautious. The new politically correct term for this is “Slow to Warm.” We’re thankful that you’re a thinker.

8. The way you LOVE the great outdoors. You wake up every day pointing to the window and saying “Sou-side?” or “You-anna-go-ouside?” or the more direct “Less-go-ouside!” Just a few weeks ago you were afraid to venture off the porch onto the grass (we think you didn’t like the texture), but now you are a fearless explorer, trekking over every inch of Nana’s backyard and pointing to the “tees” (trees) or at the sky to point out a “pay” (plane). You love to blow “bub-bows” (bubbles), slide down your slide, and chase Koby with a stick.

9. That your favorite word is “uh-OH!” You keep mommy and daddy on their toes!! You don’t miss a speck of dirt on the floor, a stray piece of food on the table, a stain on someone’s clothes, and you especially notice “uh-ohs” on mommy’s and daddy’s faces. You make us very self conscious – pointing out blemishes, freckles, moles, etc – but we love your attention to detail. :)

10. The way you entertain us! Out of nowhere you will decide to spin in circles like a ballerina, giggling until you fall down. Or you’ll squeal and pretend to jump over and over and over. Or you’ll dance just like they do on Dancing with the Stars (sort of). Or you’ll sing us a sweet song that you made up (usually something about Koby). You are so full of life!

We Love You Emma!

Mommy and Daddy

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