8 years of marriage!

Robin and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary this week (on June 24th to be exact.)

WOW, time flies!  8 years makes us feel so old!

We celebrated our anniversary by having a yummy dinner at Shogun- my favorite place to eat. :)    Mmmmmm, the Royal Combination which includes Filet Mignon and Shrimp is to die for.

Thank you to Cole and Christy for watching Emma while we went out to eat!

After dinner, we watched our wedding video- we don’t do that every year, don’t worry.  We actually went all out and watched all 2 hours of the video- getting ready for the wedding, the ceremony, and the reception.

I think what shocked us the most from watching the video (besides how much skinnier we were then) was how many big events have happened since we have been married- so many huge life changes: weddings, divorces, babies, deaths, etc. 

Robin and I have had a wonderful 8 years (and many more to come!)  For the most part, our marriage has been pretty joyful- we LOVE to laugh together.  As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons he married me (he says) is because I laughed at his stupid jokes- and fortunately for him, I still laugh at his stupid jokes. :)

Obviously, Emma is truly the biggest and best thing that has happened during our marriage!!!  It’s so neat to think that she has a little bit of each of us in her- both in looks and in personality.  Parenthood is a new journey that we enjoy sharing together. 

Robin- thank you for being an amazingly patient, loving husband.  I love you so much!

Below are a couple of  pics from the past…



r_and_j_wedding poloroid

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