Foster Family Road Trip

We took a unique road trip this past weekend with my dad’s side of the family. 

My Grandpa (who passed away in 1998) was an artist who created some really neat masterpieces during his time, many of which went unnoticed until after he was gone. 

We were recently contacted about a mural that he had done  in the early 1950′s.  A prominent business person in Oklahoma asked my Granddad to create a mural depicting the different ‘brands’ in the Bluestem Bowl (part of Oklahoma history if you were curious!) The mural took my Granddad 3 years to create in his garage.  The mural hung in a bank for a long time but then the bank closed and it went to a gun shop.  Recently Arvest bank in Dewey, Oklahoma purchased the mural and it was hung in the lobby of their bank.

Our family set a date to go see the mural together.  We took 2 cars and hit the road to Dewey, Oklahoma, just outside of Bartlesville, OK.

It was really neat to see the mural in person- it had my Grandpa’s signature touches all over it!   He loved painting Native American/Southwest art.  It was kind of difficult to take great pictures because it was hung very high but I did post a few pics below.   

Unfortunately I did not inherit ANY of my Granddad or dad’s artistic abilities but maybe Emma has a chance!


Full view of the mural from about 10 feet away on the right- it was about the size of a movie theater screen!:

bluestem bowl

Close up of some of the detail on the bottom right:

close up


Jill and Emma in front of the mural:

jill and emma


Nana teaching Emma about numbers and card suits during the car ride- Nana is definitely a teacher!:

nana with cards


Emma with Great-Uncle Ron, and Great-Aunt Judy, my dad’s brother and sister

judy and ron

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