Kick, Kick, Kick

I’m afraid we might be confusing Emma.  At home, we keep telling her NOT to kick Koby, or mommy, or daddy.  But at swim lessons we encourage her to KICK, KICK, KICK!

Emma and I have been taking swim lessons for a couple of weeks at Miller Swim School.  The first few sessions she was extremely cautious.  She spent most of the session watching the older kids swim around us and she refused to give our instructor a hi-five.  Instead Emma just said  "NO" and shook her head forcefully.

Out of the blue the other night she starting blowing bubbles and kicking in the bathtub!  We were so pleased!  Sometimes I think Emma just thinks about things for days and days and then decides that she is ready to participate.  This is exactly the way her daddy works!

She now LOVES going to swim lessons and gets very excited when we turn into the parking lot saying "Pooh, Pooh, Pooh!"  (meaning pool, not poop!) 

Right now we are taking lessons with our good friend Aubrey and her mommy. 

This week the moms thought it was a fantastic idea to let the dads take the girls and give the moms a break.  They had a great time!

Here are a few pictures from the past several sessions.

Emma and Mommy before their first lesson:

Emma swim school 1st day jill and emma 1

Emma learning to kick kick kick:

emma swim school 2


Emma floating on her back with our instructor’s help:

emma swim school on back 5


Getting ready for her first submersion under water!:

emma swim school 6


Sliding to daddy- she LOVED this and kept asking for MORE:

emma slide


"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" with daddy:

emma and robin star


Robin, Emma, Wes, and Aubrey

daddys and girls 2

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