We’re Back!

I took an 18 month break from blogging- and I’m back! I have to admit that I got a bit overwhelmed by the whole blogging thing when Emma was first born. Those of you that know me know that I’m a perfectionist. I don’t like to do something unless it’s perfect and usually a bit over-the-top. I recently decided to start the blog back up. The pressure from a lot of great blog friends really spurred me on. :) I realized that the blog doesn’t have to be perfect. I think it’s really neat that blogs provide a way for families to record the events of their lives. It’s sad to me that I’m already forgetting things that happened just a year ago. I want to be able to re-tell stories, and re-live moments. I think a blog will help me do just that.

Robin and I gave the blog a makeover and a brand new name. “A Little Spice of Curry” seemed appropriate because Emma has definitely added quite a bit of spice to our lives. Through this blog, we hope to give family and friends a little glimpse into our lives, or a little “spice” of Curry.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy!

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