Curry Family Lake Trip

We just returned from a 4 day trip to Possum Kingdom Lake just outside of Graham, TX.  This was Emma’s 2nd Curry family lake trip but her FIRST time to ride in the boat.  She loved it!

We had an awesome time catching some rays, hanging out with family, and sleeping in!  Can’t wait ’til next year!

Here are some pictures from our trip.


Emma and Uncle Craig still aren’t sure what to think about each other:



Jill and Fallon tubing:



Craig and Robin tubing:



Robin trying to push Jill off of her tube (that’s what 8 years of marriage does to you!)

robin jill tube


Getting all lathered up with sunscreen (and Uncle Tommy holding Emma’s hat for her!)



Emma only kept her hat on for a few minutes…



Going really fast in the boat- Emma loved it!



Checkin’ out the water with Daddy and Gigi…



Emma’s elephant camping chair:



Tommy and Emma taking wagon rides:



"Mmmmmm… pineapple!"



Tommy, Crystal, Jill, Robin, and Craig:



Emma and cousin Evan sharing a book:



Craig, Fallon, and Emma:



Jill, Robin, Emma, Maw Maw, and Wes:



It takes quite a bit of stuff to pack a toddler and her mommy and daddy for 4 days!


Creative Friends

I just had to share a couple of pics from a baby shower I helped host a couple of weekends ago.  I have SUCH creative friends and it kind of makes me sick. Why can’t I make adorable things like these?

My good friend Jamey made these two awesome diaper cakes.  She didn’t follow any instructions- she just made them how she pictured them in her head. 




Then my other friend Sarah made these delicious  cupcakes.  I could eat a whole tub of just the icing.



What did I do for the baby shower you ask?  I ordered the pizza. :)

House Hunt

Robin and I are so grateful to my mom for letting us shack up with her for several months.  It really has been an awesome experience.  We all get along really well and she has been a huge help with Emma this summer. 

However, we ARE on the hunt for a house of our own.  We’d like something a little bigger than our last house and we’re thinking South Tulsa. 

Last Saturday Emma asked for the "Homes" section of the newspaper that I was looking at.  She wanted to give her input on our house.  She just kept pointing at the pictures that had pools in them and saying "Pooooohl!"  I guess she wants a house with a pool.  Ok, so Emma wants a pool, Daddy wants a secret passageway (he has always wanted a clock that turns into a door or a bookshelf that turns into another room) AND a basketball court, Koby wants a doggy door and a big yard, and mommy wants a full-time maid.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be able to grant any of these requests with our next home purchase but hey, we can keep dreaming, right? :)




Baby Smash!

Emma has always been fascinated by our computers but recently she has begun pretending that she is ‘working’ on the computer (just like daddy I think.)  Her new favorite word is "Pooter?" (computer.)

Obviously, computers aren’t the most indestructible toy for babies, especially spirited babies like Emma!   Robin recently found a great free program specifically designed for babies that allows them to explore and play with the computer keys.  The program is called BabySmash! and you can check it out here.  

Here’s a pic of Emma playing with BabySmash today.


More Training for The Olympics

Our good friend Anni is a gymnastics coach for Jenks Schools. Wednesday, Anni invited the playgroup kids up to the gym for some play time.

Emma LOVED jumping on the trampoline, hanging on the bars, and walking on the beam. The highlight for her was watching the big strong high school kids do amazing floor stunts- like 500 flips in a row (that may be a slight exaggeration.) She squealed in excitement each time they finished a floor stunt.

Thanks Anni and Eli for a great play date!

“Hmmm, what do I want to do first?”


Emma was really impressed with Kylan’s skills on the bars


Emma and Mommy jumping on the trampoline


Big girl Emma sitting on the trampoline
(after falling down during “Ring Around the Rosey”)




Taking a break to watch the big kids-she kept trying to mimic their moves with her feet.


Hangin’ Out on the Porch

One of Emma’s new favorite past-times is playing on Nana’s front porch.  She prefers the backyard but she does occasionally like the front porch for a change of scenery.  Saturday morning she and her daddy enjoyed some quiet time hangin’ out in their P.J’s.

20080708_0178 20080708_0175

She always enjoys getting a different perspective on things…



Baby Pool Heaven

Emma’s baby pool has so many bells and whistles.  It cracks me up because I know we didn’t have baby pools like this when we were little.  Ironically, it only cost $19 at Walmart at the beginning of the summer and it has provided hours of fun!  


IMG_0155 IMG_0163



Making Memories on the 4th of July

We had a great 4th of July spent with both sides of the family.  Robin’s parents were in town last night and this morning on their way to Branson.  Emma got to spend some quality time with them at the Cheesecake Factory and then hanging out at Nana’s house on the 4th.

Emma and daddy on the 4th of July:

emma and robin 4th of july

Emma’s 4th of July dress:

red white blue dress


We had a slight ‘cooking malfunction’ at Nana’s house on the evening of the 4th.  We had great plans to grill some  fancy burgers, and also to make some red jello in a star jello mold. 

Unfortunately, the grill broke in the middle of cooking the burgers and the jello fell apart in the fridge!  See below!  We always manage to make some great memories even if things don’t turn out "perfectly."  :)


Fancy burgers cooked on the stove-top!:



Star-shaped red  jello in the fridge- can you tell?:


We hope that you and yours made some great 4th of July memories also!