House Hunt

Robin and I are so grateful to my mom for letting us shack up with her for several months.  It really has been an awesome experience.  We all get along really well and she has been a huge help with Emma this summer. 

However, we ARE on the hunt for a house of our own.  We’d like something a little bigger than our last house and we’re thinking South Tulsa. 

Last Saturday Emma asked for the "Homes" section of the newspaper that I was looking at.  She wanted to give her input on our house.  She just kept pointing at the pictures that had pools in them and saying "Pooooohl!"  I guess she wants a house with a pool.  Ok, so Emma wants a pool, Daddy wants a secret passageway (he has always wanted a clock that turns into a door or a bookshelf that turns into another room) AND a basketball court, Koby wants a doggy door and a big yard, and mommy wants a full-time maid.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be able to grant any of these requests with our next home purchase but hey, we can keep dreaming, right? :)




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