More Training for The Olympics

Our good friend Anni is a gymnastics coach for Jenks Schools. Wednesday, Anni invited the playgroup kids up to the gym for some play time.

Emma LOVED jumping on the trampoline, hanging on the bars, and walking on the beam. The highlight for her was watching the big strong high school kids do amazing floor stunts- like 500 flips in a row (that may be a slight exaggeration.) She squealed in excitement each time they finished a floor stunt.

Thanks Anni and Eli for a great play date!

“Hmmm, what do I want to do first?”


Emma was really impressed with Kylan’s skills on the bars


Emma and Mommy jumping on the trampoline


Big girl Emma sitting on the trampoline
(after falling down during “Ring Around the Rosey”)




Taking a break to watch the big kids-she kept trying to mimic their moves with her feet.


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