6 Random Things About Me


I was tagged by friend, Terra, for this game.  Six random things about me.  Here are the rules: Link to the person who tagged you, mention the rules, tell six quirky, yet boring unspectacular things about yourself, tag six other bloggers by linking to them, and then go to each person’s blog and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1.  My middle name is Montgomery- this was my Grandmother’s maiden name.  When I was a kid, I hated this middle name but now I love it. 

2. I LOVE really fast roller coasters.  The scarrier, the better.  My dream day would be to ride twirly, fast amusement park rides over and over again.  Too bad Robin is scared of them.  Maybe Emma will ride them with me one day?

3. I tend to exaggerate from time to time.  If you catch me doing it, please let me know.  It’s my only fault.

4. Robin and I ‘hung out’ with Jessica Simpson in a small apartment in Waco in 2000.  We sat on the SAME couch together and she was "texting" her boyfriend at the time, Nick Lachey.  She was wearing her P.J’s (no bra.)  I’m sure Kylie remembers this.  Something tells me Jessica wouldn’t remember me.  Oh darn. :)

5. I love to watch football on T.V.   Fall is my absolute favorite time of year because it means football season has begun.  I learned the rules of football from my dad when I was about 14 months old (see-that’s an exaggeration) and I have been watching ever since.  My favorite teams are: OU, Baylor (poor guys), and the Dallas Cowboys.

6.I made myself "President of the Bossy Club" with my neighborhood friends when I was about 5 years old.  Robin says I’m still President of the Bossy club today.  Boooooooo. 

I tag my friends Kylie, Christy, Carrie, Jessica, Becky, and Lorrie!

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