Emma Gives Hugging a Try

Those of you that know Emma well know that she is not a touchy-feely kind of gal. She’s very sweet, just not touch-feely. Many times when Robin or I put our hand on her back she reaches around and gently removes it. When other toddlers try to hug her, she backs up or turns around quickly and leaves them hanging (sorry Kylan, Avery, and every other toddler who has tried to hug Emma!) She’s never really been a big cuddler, not even as a newborn (except with Pops, Robin’s dad.) Typically the way you know that Emma really likes you is if she “leans” into you or tries to sit ON you. It’s very funny. My mom is not touchy feely either so maybe that’s where Emma gets it!

Well… on Friday night we were hanging out with some friends and Emma got to play a lot with Emily who is about 5 months younger than Emma. For the first hour, Emma had to warm up by standing very far away from Emily and her parents, displaying a very concerned look on her face, etc. Then, 2 hours into the night, Emma all of a sudden started hugging Emily. Robin and I cheered wildly! “Yeah Emma, keep hugging, isn’t it fun, yeahhhhh!” So, Emma kept on hugging her. It was too precious. I don’t expect the trend to continue- I think she was just giving it a try. I love her SO MUCH, cuddler or not.

Before Emma warmed up to Emily:

Emma starting to warm up to Emily:

Here’s how the hugging started- I know it looks more like a head-lock, but trust me, it was really sweet:

Emma hugging Emily tightly from behind. So here’s the proof ladies and gentleman, Emma can be very affectionate. :)

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