Emma’s new backpack

Emma’s favorite TV show is Signing Time on PBS. It’s amazing how much she picks up on when she watches an episode. We have about 10 episodes saved on our Tivo and she usually watches 1 every day. If the episode is about Sports, she usually talks about sports the rest of the day. If the episode is about Family, she talks about family the rest of the day. Last week one of the episodes was about going to school. This was a great episode for Emma to watch because she will be starting preschool 2 days a week after Labor Day. The part she loved the most was when they introduced backpacks. She got so excited and kept saying “Packback” (She says it backwards, but I’m still impressed that she tries that word!) I told Emma that daddy had a backpack for his laptop computer and she thought that was so neat and tried to put it on.

I decided it was time to pick out a backpack for Emma to take to school (while she was still excited about it!) I had seen these really cute backpacks by Steven Joseph and I knew of a place in Tulsa that had them. The entire trip to the store in the car she kept saying “PackBack? PackBack? PackBack?” I assured her that we were going to get her a big girl backpack. They had several choices but she immediately loved the ladybug backpack. We ordered it with her name on it and she fell in love with it. She wore it for several hours after we took it home, then to church the next day. Who knew she would be so excited about a backpack? She’s growing up way too fast.

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