Root Canal and Nail Guns

Interesting blog title, I know, but this title pretty much sums up my day!  (Warning, this blog post has the potential to share TMI a.k.a., too much information!)

Do you ever have one of those days where you think could this day get any worse?  Today was one of those days.

I woke up with throbbing pain in my upper jaw that extended up to my head.  I had a filling done two weeks ago and my dentist said, "this cavity is extremely close to the nerve and you will probably end up a needing a root canal at some point."  I was hoping he meant like years from now, not 2 weeks! 

Luckily, an endodontist was able to see me today for a lovely root canal.  It was about as bad as I expected it would be.  I have a blood pressure problem where my heart beats really fast when it’s having to compensate and apparently my body doesn’t like the "lying on your back with you head almost on the floor and your feet in the air" position that is necessary during a root canal.   I was dizzy during the entire procedure, sweating bullets, and felt like I was going to pass out at any point.  They also place a rubber "dam" over your mouth (and nose) to isolate the tooth- this just made me feel like I was suffocating.  They also put safety goggles on my eyes- making me feel like I couldn’t see out!  Added to that fun was the feeling that the dentist was driving a toothpick up into my brain over and over and over again.  Sound fun?

Here’s a little visual image for you…


I wasn’t QUITE as excited as this dude appears to be:


By the way, can someone explain to me why my husband and I drink the SAME amount of Dr. Pepper yet he’s had like 1 cavity in his whole life and I’ve had about 40?  Seriously, I’ve had multiple fillings on every tooth- I think my mouth is worth a million dollars by now. 

So then I came home to rest peacefully and let the anesthesia wear off… but sleep was out of the question.  There are 3 houses adjacent to my mom’s house that are getting new roofs due to the recent hail storm.  We were surrounded by roofers shooting their nail guns about 100 times/second.  On a positive note, Emma loves to watch the "wuhkers" (Nana told her that they were workers.) Many times today we sat on the porch (in the 102 degree heat) and watched the "wuhkers."  She loved the sound of their nail guns.  Mommy on the other hand didn’t enjoy it quite as much!.  :)

Picture of 2 of the houses with roofers shooting their nail guns:


I will say that no matter how bad my day seems to be going, Emma always brightens my day.  She was really sweet to me today because she could tell I didn’t feel well- she even gave me a couple of hugs!  I explained to her that mommy’s tooth was hurting before her nap and when I woke her up from her nap she looked at me, pointed to my mouth and said, "Toof?"  She wanted to know how it was feeling I think.  :)

So, now I’m off to sleep with prayers that tomorrow is a better day!  Hey, any day without a root canal has got to be a better day!

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