Spinning Gone Horribly Wrong

If I haven’t mentioned this before, Emma LOVES to spin. She spins several times a day. We think she may be an astronaut when she grows up because she spins really fast for several minutes and it doesn’t even seem to affect her!

Before I finish the story, let me share a short clip of some of Emma’s spinning (from a couple of weeks ago:)

SO, we knew it would only be a matter of time before Emma got hurt after one of her spinning escapades. We try to move objects out of her way so that she won’t fall and hit her head but sometimes she spins when we aren’t watching.

Tonight we were visiting Uncle Larry at his apartment when she started spinning and the next thing we heard was the loudest bang you’ve ever heard- yep, Emma fell and hit her head on Uncle Larry’s coffee table. Next came that dreaded silence (where you know a loud scream is coming) then came the loud scream. Emma was so very sad, her lips quivered and she cried and cried and cried. Robin picked her up and it took a minute before I finally saw “the damage.” She cut the corner of her right eye.

Sometimes I think it’s helpful to be a nurse and a mom, then other times I think it works against me to have any medical knowledge at all. I thought to myself, does she need stitches? Would it be silly to take her to the ER? What would I advise another parent to do? As a school nurse my rule of thumb for stitches was:

1) is the cut gaping open? YES
2) is the mark on the face where a scar would be bad later on? YES
3) does it affect the eyes at all? YES

SO, off to Warren Clinic walk-in clinic we went. This is where our Pedi recommends going after-hours. It was 8:00 pm and they close at 9:00 pm. Phew, she cut her head just in the nick of time. :)

Luckily, the wait wasn’t bad at all and we got right in. In the meantime, Emma was happy as a lark in the waiting room:

I’m thinking to myself, “Nice, we’re probably going to be paying a million dollars for this visit and she is acting so chipper! Can’t she at least pretend to be in pain?”

The Dr. was very nice. Emma really enjoyed all of the attention she and the nurse gave her. The doctor wavered back and forth about stitching the cut, using liquid bandaid, or using a steri strip and ultimately decided on a steri strip with glue. She said the cut was gaping, but not quite deep enough for stitches and she was afraid that a stitch in the corner of the eye would be a bad deal.

Emma was a great patient and we were out of there in no time. Here’s a pic of Emma, Daddy, and Nana leaving the clinic as she’s waving “bye bye” behind her:

And here is our sweet little patient at home in her P.J’s after icing the cut for about 20 seconds (this is all she would allow) and dosing her up with Motrin:

I’d like to think that she’ll be a tad bit more cautious with her spinning but something tells me she’ll be right back at it tomorrow.

So, in summary, should we have gone to the minor emergency clinic? I’m still glad we did- mainly for my peace of mind. However, would I take my 2nd child if the exact some accident occurred? Probably not!

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