Treasure Hunt

Emma and I decided to enjoy the pretty weather and go on a treasure hunt on our street this week. I explained to her that we would be going outside to look for neat treasures to pick up and put in our ‘treasure chest’ and then we would talk about them when we got home. We did find some neat things but she got a bit distracted when she saw 4 dogs barking at us at a neighbor’s gate. (I think she wanted to try to put them in her treasure chest.)

We stayed there for about 5 minutes talking to the dogs before coming home to talk about our treasures. Wanna know what our loot was? 4 leaves, 3 rocks, 5 acorns, a penny, 2 bird feathers, and a handful of grass. Miss Emma is very independent- she did not want my help deciding which things to pick up. I love that about her.

I think she had a great time and we plan to go on another hunt again next week.

Here is a picture of us before we went on the treasure hunt:

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