Fun with Cousins

Some of my favorite memories from childhood were spent with my 2 cousins, Jeff and Steve. Unfortunately, we usually only saw them once or twice a year because they lived in Kansas, then Colorado. They were the coolest cousins a little girl could ever have. I really looked up to them and was (and am) so proud of them.

Now we are all grown up and we each have kids of our own! I haven’t had a chance to meet Jeff’s 2 kids yet but this weekend I got to spend a lot of time with Steve’s 2 girls. Olivia is 3 and a half, and Madeline is 8 months old. They are beautiful girls and we had a great time getting to know them.

Emma was in heaven. She got to hang out with a “big girl.” She was so hilarious copying everything Olvia did. Peer pressure sure starts early! If Olivia brushed her hair, Emma brushed her hair. If Olivia was coloring, Emma wanted to color. If Olivia laughed, Emma laughed. Olivia taught Emma how to have parades and picnics in the house- she is very creative!

Emma also loved taking care of the “baby.” She was so sweet to Madeline. She couldn’t get close enough to her- she kept trying to hug her, kiss her, stroke her, love on her. Madeline is the best baby I have ever met. She is so happy, so content.

We were sad to see them leave today. Ironically, they had to travel home to Louisiana driving TOWARDS Hurricane Gustav! They live in Shreveport and are hoping to miss the worst of the storm.

Here are a few pics from our weekend:

Olivia and Emma playing a duet on the piano:

Nana with her girls:

Playing with salt and pepper shakers at dinner:

Brandon was a really good sport- Olivia put these things on his head to make a pretty hat!:

Olivia, Emma, and Jill:

Emma talking to Maddie very sweetly:

Olivia, Madeline, and Emma (Emma was ready for a nap!):

We love you Olivia and Madeline- hope to see you again soon!

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