Gigi and Pops Visit Tulsa!

It had been WAY too long since Emma last saw her Gigi and Pops.  They live in Arlington, TX, about 4 and half- 5 hours away.  We try to make it a point to see them at least every other month, but this time it had been about 10 weeks since we last saw them!

Gigi flew in by herself last Friday night because Pops had some important church events he needed to be in Arlington for on Saturday and Sunday.  BUT, Pops drove to Tulsa after he preached Sunday morning to see Emma Sunday night and during the day on Monday. We had a great time with them!

Waiting for Gigi at the airport…



Yeah!  Gigi’s here!…



Gigi, Daddy, and Emma playing a trio on the piano…



Gigi and Robin checking out the Smart Car when we were car shopping: (we did NOT buy this car- it was a bit small and did not have a place for a carseat.)



Gigi and Emma playing with her stacking blocks:



Waiting patiently for Pops to arrive on Sunday evening:



Emma chillin’ out eatin’ a chip with Pops:20081012_0256


Pops brought Emma this cute yellow t-shirt from his church:



I love this picture!



This was Emma’s face as Pops and Gigi drove away. :(20081013_0273

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