Hooray for Halloween!

Today Emma and I went to a very fun Halloween party for all of our playgroup friends.  Terra and Kylan were the hosts for the shower and they did such a great job- there was so much to do and so many wonderful yummy treats to eat!

I was thankful that we had the opportunity to dress up today because I’m not sure if Emma will get to dress up on Halloween or not.  We will be in Waco for Baylor’s Homecoming on Halloween.  One of my friends suspects that the good ‘ol Baptists at Baylor planned Homecoming on Halloween to distract from Satan’s holiday. :)

Here are a few pics from the party:

Emma, aka. The Beautiful Butterfly:



"Knock, Knock, I’m here to party!"



Caroline (Poodle) and Kate (Pig)



Emma- just taking it all in- this is usually what she does at large gatherings.



Allie (Minnie Mouse)



The kids loved jumping in this fun inflatable:



Pumpkin Decorating:



Emma guarding her castle:



Teeter-totter, teeter-totter:



Thanks Terra and Kylan for helping us get into the fall spirit!

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