Horse Rides, Hayrides, and sMOREs!

We just got back from a very fun Fall Party with our Sunday School class.  We recently formed a new young families department at our church called FIT- "Families In Training." Right now, we have around 50 couples involved.  Robin and I are co-coordinating the department with another couple and it has been a huge project, but one that has been so rewarding!  We have loved getting to know so many new people who are all in the same stage of life!

Tonight’s party was at our good friends’ house.  They live on several acres a few minutes outside of Tulsa.  They have a beautiful home with horses in their very own backyard!   We had about 130 people at the party with just about as many kids as there were adults- it kind of felt like the adults are being taken over!!!  There were so many fun things for the kids to do- Emma had a blast. 

The weather could not have been more perfect and we are thankful for such a fun fall family memory. 


Aubrey and Emma hangin’ out on a rock they found:



Emma and Aubrey:



Several of our good friends eatin’ some BBQ together: (do you see 2 newborn babies in there?):



How cute is this?  Emma and Aubrey pretending to ride a horse together:



Saddle up your horses:


Emma’s very first horse ride- she loved it!



Emma’s and her horse, "Bill"



Checking out another horse- Emma wanted to "touch" all of them!



Emma’s first hayride:



Riding a fun scooter toy:



Piggy-back ride with daddy:



Bonfire for smores- check out the beautiful sunset:



Mommy managed to make it into a picture- here we are on the hayride  back to the house at the end of the night:


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