"I Dropped My Dolly in the Dirt…"

Emma has fallen love with a very large baby doll that was mine when I was a little girl. Mom says that I never really attached myself to baby dolls when I was little. She says that Emma has played more with this baby doll in the past month than I did in my entire childhood!

This particular baby doll kind of scares me- she just has one of those ‘wild’ looks in her eyes… but Emma loves her so I try to be affectionate to her!

Friday, Emma wanted to take her baby doll outside and she had a great time pushing her down the slide. She would say, “Ready, Weee! Good girl!” (exactly what I say to Emma when I push her down the slide!)

Here are a few pics and a short video of Emma and her dolly:

(this doll only has one outfit- a white formal dress- perfect for pushing into the dirt!)








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