Sponge Rollers Flashback

Last Thursday night as Emma was getting out of the bath my mom had the sudden desire to put sponge rollers in Emma’s hair.  As soon as she whipped the sponge rollers out, I had a major "blast from the past!"  My mom used to put sponge rollers in my hair all the time.  I remember going to bed with rollers in my hair- man that was uncomfortable!  But hey, anything for beauty, right?

Emma did great while Nana put them in her hair- Emma loves to sit at Nana’s makeup table and go through her makeup.

As we predicted, Emma didn’t tolerate the rollers being in her hair for very long- she immediately began pulling them out and we repeatedly put them back in.  I think the longest a roller stayed in was about 15 minutes and the hair was pretty curly when that roller came out! 





Maybe we’ll give it another try in a few months!

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