Tulsa State Fair

family at the fair 2

Saturday was Emma’s first trip to the Tulsa State Fair! We went with my mom, aunt, uncle, and my brother so we had a fairly large group to keep track of.

Emma loved getting to pet and feed some animals at the petting zoo.




Emma also got to ride her first merry-go-round. I can’t believe we haven’t had her on a merry-go-round before now! Nana won the coin toss to get to ride with Emma. The first two times I saw Emma go by, she was kind of smiling, but then the third, fourth, and five times she passed by she was crying hysterically. However, by the end of the ride, she was smiling again and immediately wanted to ride it again. This video is kind of hard to see but you can see her crying at the end.

merry go round

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