What a Thrill…

If you’ll recall from an earlier post #2, I LOVE the thrill of a scary amusement park ride. 

My last post was a recap of Emma’s experience at the Tulsa
State Fair but I also wanted to share MY experience at the Fair this weekend- I thought it deserved a post of its own.

When we arrived at the fair, my brother, Brandon, and I had planned to ride several fun rides together.   The only problem- none of them looked scary enough.  They were rides we’d ridden a million times and we were disappointed by the "dullness" of the rides we saw.  THEN WE SAW IT… "The Sky Scraper" a ride that we spotted from many hundreds of feet away- we saw this ride flinging people hundreds of feet in the air over and over again.  We immediately ran to the ride… to find the SCARIEST looks on the riders’ faces… YES, we finally found our match!  We also found out that the ride was not a part of the Fair’s ticket/coupon system.  To ride this ride, you had to shell out $25/person.  So, my brother and I refunded our coupons and decided to spend all of our ‘Fair money’ on this ride.  (By the way, the ride lasted 3 minutes- that’s about $8/minute!)

It was well worth the money in my opinion.  After strapping us in very securely, we were off- off to about 164 feet about the ground where we were then flung around and around at 70 miles per hour, backwards and forwards.  It kinda felt like we were being catapulted into outer space! In the middle of the ride- they leave you just sitting, kind of dangling, 164 feet above the ground while they strap on new riders in the car on the opposite end below.  We had a complete view of Tulsa!  While we were dangling there I said to Brandon, "Man, dad would have LOVED this ride!"  Brandon replied, "I was jut thinking the exact same thing."  I guess I guess the appeal for scary rides is genetic.

While we rode the Sky Scraper, the rest of our family was down below hiding there eyes (and planning our funerals.)  Thankfully, Robin looked up long enough to take a few pictures. 

Waiting to ride "The SkyScraper:"


Before being flung into the sky:


Dangling above the earth:


Crashing back into the ground:


That’s us- upside down:


Fixing my hair before getting off the ride… I’ve got my priorities straight:


Thanks Brandon for a fun memory!  Let’s do it again next year! :)

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