More House Pictures

We are getting close to finishing up Phase 1 of our house remodeling which means we’ll get to move in very soon- hopefully a week or so after Thanksgiving… just in time for Christmas. :)

Here is what we’ve been working on this week…

Formal living before:

formal living 1.jpg

Formal living after: (walls changed from mauve to yellow- chandalier changed from gold to brown…new carpet to come this week)

formal 40.jpg

One wall of kitchen cabinets before:

kitchen 1.jpg

One wall of kitchen cabinets after: (cabinets stained dark espresso, walls changed from wallpaper to plastered yellow with tea stained faux finish)

kitchen 30.jpg

Office before:

office 2.jpg

Office after: (walls painted, drapes down, new carpet and light fixture to come this week)

office 4.jpg

Telephone desk before:

telphone desk 9.jpg

Telephone desk after: telephone desk 1.jpg

House Update


iPhone 024

I realized today that I really haven’t blogged much about our new house!  We were kind of at a standstill for a couple of weeks after closing on the house because we were getting bids and making plans.  However, now we are really making progress and I feel like I can share an update.

The house we purchased was a foreclosure.  We immediately loved the one-story floorplan and the neighborhood that the house is in.  Luckily, the house was in fairly good shape- it was very clean and very well cared for.  However, there were several (let’s say a million) cosmetic things that we definitely wanted to change prior to moving in. In a nutshell, the entire house was painted Mauve (as in pinkish-puke colored) and the carpet in 2 rooms was teal!  The curtains were a major eye-sore as well.   I chose to look past these features and see the house for what it could be- NOT an ugly duckling but a beautiful swan! :)  Ok, that was supposed to be funny.

I do think it’s funny that Robin and I chose to take on such a huge project- I’ve had several people say to me, "Oh, you and your husband must be really handy."   I have to chuckle inside when hearing this (no offense Robin!)  Let me just say that we are "learning" to be handy and we are always up for a challenge- right Robin?  It has already been such a memorable experience.

We’ve had so many people tell us to do as much as possible before moving in because the remodeling process can create such a mess.  Of course, everything has taken longer than expected, but we are now flying through the process and are hoping to move in sometime the week after Thanksgiving. 

Painters have been in the house for the past week or so and should finish up on Thursday.  Robin and are also doing some of the painting ourselves which has been a lot of fun.  We sneak out of my mom’s house after Emma has gone to bed (don’t worry- mom is here with her) and go to our house to paint.  We talk, listen to music, and paint paint paint- real marital bonding! 

We will still have several projects on our "to do list" and our "wish list when we win the lottery" after we move in.  However, the majority of the painting and flooring will be complete.  We plan to tackle the exterior of the house in the Spring when the weather heats up a bit- we’d like to re-do some landscaping, trim the trees, paint the trim a brown color, etc.

We have some family coming in town next week for Thanksgiving- we told them they can come if they B.Y.O.B- bring their own BRUSH.  They have to paint the room they stay in- just kidding.  We WILL probably put them to work though. :)

Here are a few pics from the last week so you can see what we’ve been working on.  I plan to post more before and after pictures when we are really finished. 

Robin painting one of the hallways: (covering up the mauve with a yellow-neutral color we picked out- similar to the color in our old house)



Kitchen cabinets: this picture kind of shows you the cabinets before and after- the cabinets were originally the lighter, oak color.  The painter glazed them and now they are dark and I LOVE them!  They are getting ready to do a tea-stain plaster faux finish on the kitchen walls tomorrow:



Master bedroom before: (yikes!)


Master bedroom after paint: (new carpet coming next week!) Robin and I painted this room- we covered up the mauve color with a light brown .) 


Stay tuned for more pics and stories!

Mommy is O-L-D


Saturday we celebrated my Birthday- I turned the big 3-0!

The entire day was so awesome.  The day started with Emma and Robin bringing me breakfast in bed- they served me my favorite breakfast: Chick-Fil-A chicken minis with a Dr. Pepper.  Sounds healthy, huh? :)  Seriously though, those chicken minis are incredible- if you haven’t tried them, you need to. 

I know this is a beautiful picture of me, but hey, I had just been drug out of bed!


My mom and I spent the rest of the day shopping- one of my very favorite things to do.

In the evening, we went to Shogun (a restaurant where the chef cooks at your table) for dinner.  I love that place!  I had some delicious filet mignon and shrimp.  This was Emma’s first trip to Shogun and I was thinking she would love it but she was actually very scared of the chef cooking at our table and ended up hiding her eyes throughout most of the dinner!  I held her on my lap the majority of the time. 




This is hilarious: this is my Uncle Ron listening to the OU game in his earphone while we ate dinner… OU was like 40 points ahead but he still HAD to hear every play and he was still nervous about the game!  He reminds me so much of my dad!



Emma hiding her eyes throughout dinner:



Eating some yummy Birthday cake at mom’s house:


A quick trip to Gigi and Pops’ house

Following our fun weekend in Waco, we packed up our car and headed to Arlington for a couple of days with Robin’s parents, Gigi and Pops.  Emma loves her Gigi and Pops.  She always plays ‘hard to get’ for the first few minutes we are with them but we all know that she’s playing games. 


Emma loved looking through Gigi’s photo albums full of "Pitchers of Emma":



Reading with Gigi:



Playing the piano with Uncle Tommy:




Reading with Pops:




Emma LOVED going up and down the stairs with her baby:



Emma loved this huge stuffed puppy she found while shopping:



Saying goodbye to Gigi:


Fun with Oliver and Elliott

I just realized that I never really finished blogging about our time in Waco last weekend.  Emma had an awesome time hanging out with our good friends Oliver and Elliott, 27 month old twins.  She’s not used to spending lots of time with boys or boy toys so this was a new adventure for her!  Here are a few pics from their time together.

So this is what 3 toddlers in a backseat looks like:



Emma loved being a "big girl" as she ate at the table with Oliver and Elliott:



This is Elliott giving Emma a hug- can’t you tell they are hugging?



Emma playing with the boys’ cars:20081102_0197


Oliver, Elliott, and Emma watching out the window:



Elliott giving Emma a kiss goodbye:



Oliver giving Emma a kiss goodbye:


Thank you Oliver and Elliott for an awesome time- you were complete gentleman.  Thank you for letting Emma play with all of your fun toys!

Sic ‘em Bears!

One of our favorite events every year is Baylor Homecoming.   Robin and I have made it to Baylor Homecoming every year but one since we graduated. There is just something about Waco that feels like "home."  I’m being serious!  Just walking on campus makes us feel so happy.  The best part of Homecoming is catching up with good friends from college- sometimes it’s the one time of year we really have time to talk- especially now that we have kids!  Emma went to the Homecoming parade last year but I doubt that she remembers much of it… this year she appreciated things a bit more. 

Emma pointing at her favorite thing in the parade:



THIS is what Emma was pointing at in the first picture:



Emma having fun with daddy and his friends:20081101_0135


Jill and Emma with some of the Phi Chi wives and kiddos:



Robin, Jill, and Emma with Conner, Kathy, Oliver, and Elliott:  (we missed the Rowes who are due to have a baby girl any day!)


(last year’s pic)



Annual Homecoming Family Picture:



The most exciting part of the entire weekend was the 1st annual Homecoming Dr. Pepper Hour.  During college, we had an event called "Dr. Pepper Hour" every Tuesday afternoon in Barfield Drawing Room in the center of campus.  It was a really neat time for the students to hang out with faculty, relax, and socialize while sipping on a yummy Dr. Pepper Float.  (Remember, the Dr. Pepper Museum is in Waco.)  SO, Robin has always wondered why they don’t have a Dr. Pepper Hour for alumni at Homecoming.  Well… this year he just happens to have a friend on staff at Baylor.  It’s all in who you know. :)  Robin made the suggestion and magically, the first alumni Dr. Pepper Hour took place immediately after the parade in Barfield Drawing Room.  1200 people came!  It was so fun.  The floats were amazing.  Emma had 2 floats, I had 1 float, and Robin had 2 floats.  Yes, we cheated. :)


Robin and Jon advertising the event:



Matt and Robin- Matt is the one who made it all happen!  Thanks Matt!:



Emma eating her 1st Dr. Pepper float:



Here she is after eating her floats – on a sugar high:



And here is Emma 1 minute after getting in her carseat after the Homecoming festivities:


(last year’s pic)


Happy Halloween from a Beautiful Butterfly

We were in Waco for Halloween and it was so fun to get to spend it with good friends! Lucky for us, Elliott and Oliver invited Emma to go trick or treating with them in their neighborhood. This was her first time to go trick or treating and she loved it! Unfortunately, she was tired before we even got costumes on, so needless to say, she was very tired by the end of our short trip around the block.

Emma was such a big girl… she loved walking up to the door and knocking but we never could get her to say “Trick or Treat” or “Thank You.” She just stood there and held her hand out for candy!


Elliott and Oliver’s costumes were adorable- they got so many compliments! Thing 1 and Thing 2…. and Emma:

“Trick or Treat…”

Holding Daddy’s hand:


Dragging her pumpkin full of candy to the last few houses:


Checking out their loot:

Ok… now for honesty time…. will any of you admit to eating some/all of your kids’ candy after they went to sleep? We felt like it was ‘best for Emma’ if we ate some of her candy since it’s not very healthy for her. Good justification, right?

Fun with College Friends

After spending the night with Robin’s parents in Arlington, we headed to Waco, TX on Friday morning, Halloween, to stay with our good college friends, Conner and Kathy and their twin boys Oliver and Elliott.  As usual, it took Emma several hours to warm up to everyone and really start playing, but when she did, they have a lot of fun together!


Playing on their swingset:



It looks like Emma and Elliott are up to something:



Emma and Elliott chillin’:



Looks like Emma may be bossing them around here: 



Oliver loved throwing the ball to Robin:


Road Trip Fun

Warning… the title of this blog was sarcastic. 

Our family left on Thursday night to head to Texas for a weekend with friends and family.  We left after I got off work thinking, "Oh, Emma will sleep in the car and it will work out just great!  WRONG!  Emma started moaning about an hour and half into the trip and we couldn’t figure out what was going on with her.  When we stopped for a drink at McDonald’s in Atoka, Emma threw up about 20 times in a row WHILE STRAPPED INTO HER CARSEAT.  After turning around and surveying the damage, Robin and I just turned around and stared back at the windshield in complete silence.  I think we were both in denial. After taking a deep breath, I got out of the car, unstrapped Emma, picked her up and let the vomit drip off of her (too graphic?  I’m sorry.)  Vomit was just sitting about 2 inches deep in the carseat.  SO, I took Emma inside McDonald’s, gave her a sponge bath in the bathroom sink (GROSS!) and dried her off under the hand dryers.  Isn’t that a great visual picture?   Robin stayed outside and attempted to clean the carseat.  Did I mention that we had our dog with us?  He was trying to help clean up the vomit.  After some intense work on the carseat we decided there was only one solution, buy a new carseat!  SO, Robin left Emma and I at McDonald’s because Emma and I couldn’t ride in the car without a carseat.   He went to Walmart to buy one of their $43.00 carseats.  After the hour and a half delay, we got Emma back in the new carseat, the yucky carseat in a trash bag in the back, and on the road again.  I prayed the whole way to the Metroplex that she would not throw up again.  We arrived safely to Arlington at about 1:45 AM.  What a fun road trip!

So, my question to those of you experienced moms?  Has this every happened to anyone else?  What do you do?  I did learn one valuable lesson- always have a towel in the car!

I promise my next post will be more joyful and less graphic!