Fun with Oliver and Elliott

I just realized that I never really finished blogging about our time in Waco last weekend.  Emma had an awesome time hanging out with our good friends Oliver and Elliott, 27 month old twins.  She’s not used to spending lots of time with boys or boy toys so this was a new adventure for her!  Here are a few pics from their time together.

So this is what 3 toddlers in a backseat looks like:



Emma loved being a "big girl" as she ate at the table with Oliver and Elliott:



This is Elliott giving Emma a hug- can’t you tell they are hugging?



Emma playing with the boys’ cars:20081102_0197


Oliver, Elliott, and Emma watching out the window:



Elliott giving Emma a kiss goodbye:



Oliver giving Emma a kiss goodbye:


Thank you Oliver and Elliott for an awesome time- you were complete gentleman.  Thank you for letting Emma play with all of your fun toys!

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