Happy Halloween from a Beautiful Butterfly

We were in Waco for Halloween and it was so fun to get to spend it with good friends! Lucky for us, Elliott and Oliver invited Emma to go trick or treating with them in their neighborhood. This was her first time to go trick or treating and she loved it! Unfortunately, she was tired before we even got costumes on, so needless to say, she was very tired by the end of our short trip around the block.

Emma was such a big girl… she loved walking up to the door and knocking but we never could get her to say “Trick or Treat” or “Thank You.” She just stood there and held her hand out for candy!


Elliott and Oliver’s costumes were adorable- they got so many compliments! Thing 1 and Thing 2…. and Emma:

“Trick or Treat…”

Holding Daddy’s hand:


Dragging her pumpkin full of candy to the last few houses:


Checking out their loot:

Ok… now for honesty time…. will any of you admit to eating some/all of your kids’ candy after they went to sleep? We felt like it was ‘best for Emma’ if we ate some of her candy since it’s not very healthy for her. Good justification, right?

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