More House Pictures

We are getting close to finishing up Phase 1 of our house remodeling which means we’ll get to move in very soon- hopefully a week or so after Thanksgiving… just in time for Christmas. :)

Here is what we’ve been working on this week…

Formal living before:

formal living 1.jpg

Formal living after: (walls changed from mauve to yellow- chandalier changed from gold to brown…new carpet to come this week)

formal 40.jpg

One wall of kitchen cabinets before:

kitchen 1.jpg

One wall of kitchen cabinets after: (cabinets stained dark espresso, walls changed from wallpaper to plastered yellow with tea stained faux finish)

kitchen 30.jpg

Office before:

office 2.jpg

Office after: (walls painted, drapes down, new carpet and light fixture to come this week)

office 4.jpg

Telephone desk before:

telphone desk 9.jpg

Telephone desk after: telephone desk 1.jpg

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