Road Trip Fun

Warning… the title of this blog was sarcastic. 

Our family left on Thursday night to head to Texas for a weekend with friends and family.  We left after I got off work thinking, "Oh, Emma will sleep in the car and it will work out just great!  WRONG!  Emma started moaning about an hour and half into the trip and we couldn’t figure out what was going on with her.  When we stopped for a drink at McDonald’s in Atoka, Emma threw up about 20 times in a row WHILE STRAPPED INTO HER CARSEAT.  After turning around and surveying the damage, Robin and I just turned around and stared back at the windshield in complete silence.  I think we were both in denial. After taking a deep breath, I got out of the car, unstrapped Emma, picked her up and let the vomit drip off of her (too graphic?  I’m sorry.)  Vomit was just sitting about 2 inches deep in the carseat.  SO, I took Emma inside McDonald’s, gave her a sponge bath in the bathroom sink (GROSS!) and dried her off under the hand dryers.  Isn’t that a great visual picture?   Robin stayed outside and attempted to clean the carseat.  Did I mention that we had our dog with us?  He was trying to help clean up the vomit.  After some intense work on the carseat we decided there was only one solution, buy a new carseat!  SO, Robin left Emma and I at McDonald’s because Emma and I couldn’t ride in the car without a carseat.   He went to Walmart to buy one of their $43.00 carseats.  After the hour and a half delay, we got Emma back in the new carseat, the yucky carseat in a trash bag in the back, and on the road again.  I prayed the whole way to the Metroplex that she would not throw up again.  We arrived safely to Arlington at about 1:45 AM.  What a fun road trip!

So, my question to those of you experienced moms?  Has this every happened to anyone else?  What do you do?  I did learn one valuable lesson- always have a towel in the car!

I promise my next post will be more joyful and less graphic!

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