Sic ‘em Bears!

One of our favorite events every year is Baylor Homecoming.   Robin and I have made it to Baylor Homecoming every year but one since we graduated. There is just something about Waco that feels like "home."  I’m being serious!  Just walking on campus makes us feel so happy.  The best part of Homecoming is catching up with good friends from college- sometimes it’s the one time of year we really have time to talk- especially now that we have kids!  Emma went to the Homecoming parade last year but I doubt that she remembers much of it… this year she appreciated things a bit more. 

Emma pointing at her favorite thing in the parade:



THIS is what Emma was pointing at in the first picture:



Emma having fun with daddy and his friends:20081101_0135


Jill and Emma with some of the Phi Chi wives and kiddos:



Robin, Jill, and Emma with Conner, Kathy, Oliver, and Elliott:  (we missed the Rowes who are due to have a baby girl any day!)


(last year’s pic)



Annual Homecoming Family Picture:



The most exciting part of the entire weekend was the 1st annual Homecoming Dr. Pepper Hour.  During college, we had an event called "Dr. Pepper Hour" every Tuesday afternoon in Barfield Drawing Room in the center of campus.  It was a really neat time for the students to hang out with faculty, relax, and socialize while sipping on a yummy Dr. Pepper Float.  (Remember, the Dr. Pepper Museum is in Waco.)  SO, Robin has always wondered why they don’t have a Dr. Pepper Hour for alumni at Homecoming.  Well… this year he just happens to have a friend on staff at Baylor.  It’s all in who you know. :)  Robin made the suggestion and magically, the first alumni Dr. Pepper Hour took place immediately after the parade in Barfield Drawing Room.  1200 people came!  It was so fun.  The floats were amazing.  Emma had 2 floats, I had 1 float, and Robin had 2 floats.  Yes, we cheated. :)


Robin and Jon advertising the event:



Matt and Robin- Matt is the one who made it all happen!  Thanks Matt!:



Emma eating her 1st Dr. Pepper float:



Here she is after eating her floats – on a sugar high:



And here is Emma 1 minute after getting in her carseat after the Homecoming festivities:


(last year’s pic)


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