Christmas Night

After spending Christmas morning with Jill’s family in Tulsa, we packed up the car and headed to Texas to spend some time with Robin’s family in Arlington, TX!  Emma did great on the road trip there- she slept and read books during the entire trip!

Once we got there, we had a yummy dinner and then sat down for a very fun gift opening session.  Emma had a ball!  She got so many great presents but here were a few of her favorites!


She got a new wagon from Gigi and Pops- she pretty much lived in it for the next several days- she even asked to eat her meals in her wagon.  It has a little door where she can get in and out herself:




Craig and Fallon got her a great book and this HUGE stuffed dog- she wanted to "ride on it!"  Then she asked to sleep with it- it took up 3/4 of the pack and play and she slept in the remaining 1/4:


Crystal and Tommy got Emma a great Fisher-Price nativity set- she loved it!  She got to hear the Christmas story from several different family members as we played with it:


Emma loved opening presents and was a bit disappointed when they were all opened.  She kept saying "More presents, more presents?" 

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