Counting Down to Christmas

We have been taking a lot of breaks from unpacking and settling into our new home to enjoy all of the Christmas festivities.  It is amazing the difference a year makes… last year, Emma didn’t show a lot of interest in Christmas, but this year she is fascinated by everything.  She LOVES Christmas lights, Christmas tress, snowmen, Santa, gifts, etc. 

Emma’s Sunday School had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party during church on Sunday.  Here are a couple of pics of her playing with bubbles at church.



Yesterday, Emma and I went to a very fun playgroup Christmas party at our friend Leah’s house.  Emma had a great time playing with friends and receiving a new puzzle during a puzzle gift exchange.



Today, our family went to Bass Pro Shops to hang out and meet Santa.  Emma didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap.  She immediately started crying when we walked up to him.  Santa was just about the nicest person I’ve ever met- he suggested that we take Emma over to the coloring table and then he would come over for a casual, candid pic with Emma when she was comfortable and happy.  What a guy!  Not exactly the traditional ‘sitting on Santa’s lap- telling him what she wants for Christmas’ type of picture, but it’s unique and memorable. :)  Here’s our 2008 Emma and Santa picture:


We’re looking forward to celebrating Christmas with family over the next several days here in Tulsa and in Texas!  Merry Christmas everyone- have a blessed time with your families!

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