Crunch Time

We plan to move into our new house sometime this weekend!   Yipee!  We currently have movers scheduled for Friday, but we may have to push it back a day depending on when the carpet and tile are complete.  They are almost done, just a few areas of tile to grout. We have been frantically finishing a few painting projects this last week before the carpet was installed- it’s so much easier when you don’t have to worry about dripping paint on the carpet. 

Thank you so much to our family members who have sacrificed their time to help.  Robin’s parents were a tremendous help when they were here for Thanksgiving.  My mom has watched Emma for us countless time so that we could work on the house without a 2 year old at our feet.  This last weekend my mom, my aunt Judy, and brother Brandon and mom, came over to help with last minute projects.  We had a great time hanging out while we worked. 

Here are a few pics from the last crunch week:

My mom and Emma putting new shelf paper in some of the kitchen drawers- it was a "sticky situation!"IMG_0112


Brother Brandon and Robin getting rid of a very huge plate rack that was on the living room wall.   This thing was a beast!



Aunt Judy painting the sunroom- we saved the very hardest room for last!



We even enlisted Emma to help paint!  She kept asking "Emma paint the house?"  We gave her a brush and she chose to paint the windows.  Good think the paint was washable.



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