Emma Katherine Curry is 2!


My baby girl turned two today… I can hardly believe that she has only been in my life for two years!

We had a great day celebrating her Birthday all day today… let me share a quick synopsis of our day:

We started the day by waking her up with Happy Birthday balloons (I think we stole that idea from some good friends’ blogs- thanks Rowe’s!)  Emma loved the balloons!:


Next, Mommy fixed Emma a gourmet breakfast- a biscuit with butter and honey, with a "2" candle stuck in the middle of it!  We sang Happy Birthday to Emma and practiced blowing out the candles several times:


Next, we got Emma all ready for school in her cute Birthday dress:


Emma had a great day at school where they actually celebrated Jesus’ Birthday AND Emma’s Birthday!  (I have a feeling this will be happening a lot during her lifetime!)  Emma came home from school very sleepy from all of the days’ festivities and took a long nap while mommy went to work.

When Mommy got home from work, we all went to Chick-Fil-A, Emma’s favorite restaurant, for dinner.  She really wanted to see the Santa Cow… until he came over to talk to Emma, and then she hid her head on Daddy’s shoulder:


We ended the night by singing and dancing to some fun songs in Emma’s bedroom before bed… she had a ball!


Tomorrow, the celebration will continue as she wakes up to a Birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy and Nana (stay tuned to find out what that gift is) and then tomorrow night as we celebrate her Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s!

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