Emma’s 2nd Birthday Bash

Wow, if Emma didn’t know how to open presents before 2 weeks ago, she sure does now!  Between Birthday (that is exactly one week before Christmas Day) and Christmas, she has had celebration after celebration for the last couple of weeks and I’m certain we will have plenty of toys to break in over the next several months!

We celebrated Emma’s birthday with Robin’s family on this Saturday night when we were all together.  Emma loved getting to celebrate her birthday again!

Here are a few pictures from our celebration!


This is the rice krispy treat cake that Alicia made for Emma- Emma loved eating all of the M&M’s off of it WHILE we sang "Happy Birthday" to her!





Opening gifts: Emma got several cute dress-up outfits (including a tiara) from Craig and Fallon:


Daddy held several of the outfits up to himself:


He also tried on the tiara, silly daddy!


Emma was very clingy to Gigi during her Birthday celebration!


Crystal and Tommy got Emma this adorable soft bear named Nicolas- she loved it!


Gigi and Pops got her this baby doll stroller:


She pushed her baby doll all over the house to show it several things.  Here, she is telling the baby all about the nativity scene!


Happy Birthday Emma, our big 2 year old!  We all love you so much!

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