Moving Day


Today was moving day for our family!  Unfortunately, ALL 3 of us were sick today, but that didn’t stop us!  I’ve been sick since last Monday with an upper respiratory infection.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve coughed so hard for so long, I’m ready to feel better!  Emma started in with the runny nose and cough on Friday and has run a fever all day today.  Robin just started feeling sick today and was pretty miserable throughout the move, but we made it!

Thank you SO much to my family: my mom, my brother, my Uncle Ron, and my Aunt Judy for selflessly volunteering their Sunday to just be with us, help direct traffic, clean, watch Emma, and unpack.  We couldn’t have done it without you because we were a bunch of sickies!

The movers met us at our storage unit at 9:00 where they loaded up the majority of our stuff.  Seeing them load up the entire storage unit really got me thinking about how much we really can live ‘without.’  We were without 90% of our belongings for 10 months while we lived with my mom.  Sure, we were fortunate to have her appliances, her furniture, etc., but really, we have so much STUFF!  It just made me realize that while I’m grateful to have my stuff back, it’s really just stuff. :)  Does this make any sense?

Emma was a real trooper today during the move.  She mostly hung out with Nana and Aunt Judy (Doodie.)  She LOVED seeing all of her ‘new’ toys!  I think she remembered most of them, but to her, this was like an early Christmas.  Too bad her Birthday is this week, then Christmas one week later- that’s a lot of gifts at once!

"Look Mom, a horsey!" She got this rocking horse from Aunt Fallon and Uncle Craig last Christmas.  She’s been riding it all night tonight:


I am sitting in my living room tonight so grateful for our home.  We have slaved over this thing (and not done yet) for several months.  I will say that putting blood, sweat, and tears into something, really makes you have a great appreciation for it.  I also feel strongly that this is the house that God had planned for us- He put it on my heart the first time we saw it and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  There were several bumps along the road, but through it all, God kept revealing that this was the house for us. 

It’s sleeting outside with temperatures in the 20′s/30′s right now which means we may be homebound tomorrow…. which would be fine because there is a lot to be done around here!

Kitchen boxes, ready to be unpacked… tomorrow:


Tonight, we all got in our P.J.’s and watched the Dallas Cowboys game- the T.V. was the first thing we hooked up of course:


And just in case you’re wondering… Koby made the move well also.  He was a bit stressed out during the day but once he found out that his food was here, he decided this could be his new home:


Stay warm everyone!

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