We just wrapped up a wonderful, memorable, Thanksgiving week.  We were very lucky to have lots of family members from both sides of our family travel to Tulsa to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We were sad not to be able to see Robin’s brothers and sisters for Thanksgiving, but with all of our house projects pending, we didn’t feel like we could travel.  Luckily, we’ll see them in just a few weeks for Christmas!

My mom’s sister, Renee, traveled from Colorado, her brother, Danny, traveled from Kansas, and my cousin, Steve, traveled with his family from Louisiana.  Robin’s parents also traveled from TX and were here for several days.  It was so great to spend time with everyone… we had quite a full house!

Our weekend was jam packed with fun events.  We had hobo stew the night before Thanksgiving, had an awesome meal on Thanksgiving day, went to see Christmas lights at Rhema on Thanksgiving night, went to Incredible Pizza on Friday night, had a Ruby Slipper ice cream float party on Saturday, and had a pajama party on Saturday night.  Emma LOVED spending time with her 2nd cousins- she loves big kids and she loves babies so she was in heaven.

Here are a few pics from our weekend!

Emma was so excited to see Gigi- she kept hugging her very tightly!


Emma cuddling with Pops:


Emma and Aunt Judy:


Brandon and Koby napping together:


Emma and Olivia hanging out in the wagon:


Jill reading to Emma and Madeline:


Cousin Robin reading to Emma:


Emma loved sitting between Pops and Gigi during our Thanksgiving meal:


The Foster clan: Judy (dad’s sister), Ron (dad’s brother), Jill, Emma, Sara (dad’s cousin), Haley (dad’s 2nd cousin) (Brandon was napping during this picture!):


Family at Rhema lights:


Robin, Jill, and Emma at Rhema lights: 


Emma and Olivia playing:


Olivia brought Emma a new baby dol l that she immediately fell in love with.  Pops affectionately named the baby, "Bubba."


Emma hugging Madeline:


The whole clan at Incredible Pizza- yes, it was incredible!:


Emma taking care of Maddie:


Emma’s favorite game at Incredible Pizza- the coin game:


Mom’s good friends, The Ruby Slippers, came over for an ice cream float party on Saturday.  They had met mom’s brother, Danny, on their road trip to Kansas this summer.  They wanted to meet the rest of the family.  Mom served yummy ice cream floats and cookies:


The Ruby Slippers, plus Danny and Olivia!:


Cousin Pajama party:


Pajama party dance-off :


Wrestling match:


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