“Searching for a Needle in the Haystack…”

This was a quote from the Urgent Care physician who worked with a physician assistant for 2 hours to get a sewing needle out of my foot!  Yes, you heard me right.  For some of you, this is already too much information.  But how could I leave this important event out of my journal?

Thursday night after getting home from work, Robin and I were in our bedroom moving furniture when I stepped on something very sharp.  I was immediately in a ton of pain but we weren’t sure what I stepped on.   Robin got down on his hands and knees and found a sewing needle sticking straight up out of the carpet- and it was broken in half.  That makes sense- the other half was still in my foot!  I worked for a few minutes to try to retrieve the needle with some of my nursing supplies, but we could soon tell that it was not going to be an at-home fix!  Emma was very concerned for me and kept trying to hand me different supplies out of my first aid kit- you know like a thermometer, blood pressure cuff, and other useful things at a time like that!  Maybe nursing is in her future? 

Please note- No, I have not starting sewing.  I do however have a sewing kit that I vaguely remember Emma dropping a few weeks ago after move in and apparently we did not pick up all of the contents!

We quickly dropped Emma off at Nana’s house and rushed to the Urgent Care center.  We were treated very well- I was very impressed by the Dr’s and nurses.  They took on my case as quite a challenge and all of the staff came by to see my foot!  It took several x-rays and a few hours of “searching” for the needle before retrieving it.

3 hours and 6 stitches later, I was home cozy in my bed.  Luckily my foot stayed numb until Friday, when it started hurting like crazy!  I’ll have to take it slow for a while and running a marathon is probably not in my near future (darn! I was really planning on doing that!) 

I guess this was just one of those weird things that just happens.  We’re so thankful that it was my foot and not Emma’s!  I can’t imagine how tragic that would have been.

One of the cool parts of the story was meeting the PA- she is shown in the 2nd picture below- turns out she is from WACO, went to BAYLOR, and knows some of my former roommates!  What a small world.  She has a daughter a little bit younger than Emma.  Do you Waconians recognize Rachel Jumper Taylor below???  (and yes- this is a lovely picture of me, I know!)

foot 4

foot 3

So, here’s hoping that this is our ONLY ER/urgent care visit for this year! :)

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