Fun with Family

We spent almost a week in Texas hanging out with Robin’s family and Emma was spoiled rotten!  Here are lots of pictures from our week with The Curry Clan


Emma and Pops doing what they do best- she NEVER falls to sleep with Robin or I, ONLY Pops.  They took an hour and half nap together the morning after Christmas:


Eating lunch in her wagon while the rest of us ate at the dining room table!  Gigi came up with a great little lap tray to fit over the wagon… maybe we have an invention idea here?:


Emma, Aunt Crystal, and Great-Granddad:


Koby was very worn out from all of the entertaining he had to do, he took quite a few naps and made himself very comfortable as you can see from this picture:


Alana (Robin’s aunt), Bruce, Reagan, and Lynnette got to come for a couple of days.   Emma really loved getting to know Alana and Lynnette, pictured below:


Emma being a ham while sitting with Gigi at dinner:


Reading a bedtime story with Gigi and Pops:


Pops showing Emma off at church on Sunday morning: (he also talked about her several times during his sermon!)


Gigi, Pops, and Emma in front of some pretty Christmas lights at their church:


Gigi talking to Emma about the nativity scene- Baby Jesus was Emma’s favorite piece:


Robin, Pops, Gigi, and Emma looking at the Nativity Scene:


Sunday afternoon, Pops, Mommy, and Uncle Tommy took a break from watching the horrible Dallas Cowboys’ game to take Emma to the park right behind their house.  Here, Pops is catching Emma on the slide: (notice the static-hair!)



Uncle Tommy sliding with Emma:


I LOVE the static-hair look!


Saying Goodbye to Great-Grandmom and Granddad:


Monday night, Zachary (a few months older than Emma) and his parents came over to play and eat dinner.  Emma loved playing toys with an older man:


Emma really liked playing with Zachary’s cars:


Aunt Fallon reading "Snow White" to Emma:


Aunt Fallon sitting in Emma’s wagon with her after Emma demanded that Fallon sit "RIGHT HERE!"


Gigi sitting with Emma in the wagon:


I couldn’t resist taking this picture of Robin and his brother Craig trying out these green and yellow recliner chairs at a furniture store:


And this is what our car looked like after packing for our trip home to Tulsa.  We almost had to figure out how to strap toys to the top of the car!  Emma raked in the toys this year!


Thank you family for a wonderful Christmas- we all loved spending time with you. 

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