Pajama Day at School

We don’t have a lot to blog about this week… it’s been a great, fairly uneventful week.  No trips to the emergency room praise the Lord!

Below is a picture of Emma on Thursday morning.  It was pajama day at her school.  It was really funny when I talked to her about pajama day before school that day- she kept trying to tell me that she was not supposed to wear pajamas to school.  She was really nervous that she’d be the only one.  When we got to school and she saw all of her friends wearing pajamas, she was SO excited and thought it was the coolest day ever!  I let her bring her Baby Madeline to school for pajama day and the teachers said she had Baby Madeline participate in ALL of the activities and explained EVERYTHING that was going on to Baby Madeline- what an imagination!



I also wanted to mention a prayer request.  For those of you that haven’t already been connected to this blog, please visit:

This is a family that I’ve never met, but feel like I’ve known for years because I’ve kept up with her blog for several months.  They are a wonderful Christian family from Arkansas who struggled with infertility and finally got pregnant last year.  They just had their baby girl, Harper, last week and she was in very serious condition immediately after birth.  Ironically, she was flown to Tulsa to a NICU here.  Being a NICU nurse, I read about her condition and didn’t think there was a chance that she’d make it through the first night here.  However, every day she has improved and it sounds like she’s on the road to recovery.  This has been a huge eye opener to me a reminder that once again, GOD IS IN CONTROL!  Many people are praying for this little girl and I’m sure they’d love to have a few more people praying.   I know I am!  Thanks.

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