Chef Emma

(I’m a bit behind on blogging… I plan to catch up in the next few days with several posts.)

On Saturday, Jan. 31st, Emma and I attending a very fun “Cooking Themed” Birthday party for our good friend Chloe who turned 3! 

The entire party was so cute and such a great idea!  Chloe’s mommy made each child a chef’s hat with their name on it and a hand-sewn apron that we got to keep!  Chloe’s mommy deserves an award from Martha Stewart for throwing such a successful toddler birthday party.  :)

In normal “Emma fashion,” she was very observant of all of the other kiddos for about the first hour of the party.  She kept telling me to make the different food items because she wasn’t quite ready to participate yet. :)  We made a pepperoni pizza, trail mix, and fruit kabobs.  Then after all of our hard work, we got to eat some yummy cupcakes (see below.)

Emma was pretty timid during the party, but when we got in our car to leave, she couldn’t stop talking about “cookin.”  She said, “Let’s make more pizza mommy.” 

Ever since attending the party, Emma has asked to help me cook just about every day.  I guess it sparked some interest in her!  I pray that she’s a better cook than I am when she grows up!


Is this the cutest Chef cupcake you’ve ever seen?:



Emma and Mommy working on their pizza:



Chef Emma:



A view of one side of the table- there were about 13 Toddler Chefs at the party:


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