Emma’s Bathroom Before and After

It has officially taken me about 2 months to finish remodeling Emma’s bathroom!  Our goal was to finish painting all of the bedrooms and living areas prior to moving in, and then complete the bathrooms after moving in.  I had hoped to finish the bathrooms pretty quickly but I’m learning that even though bathrooms appear small, they are a lot of work!  There were about 13 steps involved in remodeling this poor poor bathroom.  Here are the before and after pics.

Feel free to skip over all of the details below… several of you have asked me what I did so I decided to list the steps.


guest bath 3.jpg



What did we change?  Oh, just about everything except for the counter tops!  Here are the steps we took:

1. We had the tile replaced prior to move in.  The existing flooring was half carpet, half small white tile. We had it all removed and replaced with 18” tiles.

2. The next step was removal of the wallpaper… I did this during our ice storm and it was not fun!  AND… my little secret (not really a secret now if I’m blogging about it) is that I didn’t remove all of the wallpaper.  I plastered over the wallpaper that wouldn’t come off and it doesn’t show at all. :)

(by the way we removed the toilet in order to paint behind it… this was not a huge deal- pretty easy actually.)

3. Next I plastered the entire wall surface with a very random pattern.  I used joint compound from Lowe’s- $12 for a huge bucket that will cover all 3 bathrooms.

4. Next I spray painted the light fixture, originally brass.  I sanded it lightly and spray painted it with a can of ivory spray paint ($4).  Then I sanded the edges to make it look roughed up a bit.

5. Next we took off all of the cabinet doors and set them up in the garage.  I sanded all of the cabinets and cabinet doors.

6. We then primed and painted the front and back of the cabinet doors and the cabinets.  My good friend Rosie had recently done this at her house and was a big help to me during this stressful process!  This took several days.  I also spray painted the cabinet door hinges.

7. Next I taped and caulked all of the wall edges.

8.  Then Robin painted the walls and ceiling a light green color.  I picked a color that matched the shower curtain and rugs that we already had from Pottery Barn Kids.  The room was VERY bright at this point- we decided to re-paint the ceiling an ivory color because the light was reflecting the green color all over the room.

9. Next I applied a dark green glaze to the walls using rags.  This toned down the bright green quite a bit.

10. Then I sanded the edges of the cabinet doors to antique them. I also added a brown glaze to some of the cabinet doors to antique them even more.

11.  Then Robin re-installed all of the cabinet doors (after they were completely dry!)

12. Next, Robin installed new towel rods and a TP holder

13. Then I spent hours touching up all of my ut-ohs.

I still have a few things to touch-up and I need to apply a topcoat to the cabinet doors.  Robin is also going to add some ivory wood trim around the mirror.

I was very anxious to get the bathroom put together so that Emma can begin to use her own bathroom and instead of using ours. :)  Overall we are pleased with the final result.  It may not be super professional-looking, but it definitely brighter and more cheerful than before and Emma loves her bathroom.

This was my first of 3 bathrooms to re-do and there are definitely things I’ll do differently on the next two bathrooms.

The cost for the  project (without the tile) was about $100 for: plaster, 2 gallons of paint, primer, glaze, sanding materials, and spray paint.

Here are some pictures from the process:

Removing the wallpaper… (just seeing these pictures brings back bad memories for me!)




Here are the walls after the plaster has been applied (you can also see the brass light fixture before):



Here are the walls without the glaze:



Painting the cabinets and ivory color with my good friend Rosie:



Applying the glaze with rags:


Close up of one of the wall:


Close up of the cabinet door:



And here is Koby asking, “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO CLEAN UP THIS HUGE MESS?  FINISH THE BATHROOM ALREADY!”  He considered trying to potty train in Emma’s potty chair but decided it looked too hard.


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