Pops and Gigi’s Visit To Tulsa

Robin’s parents, aka. “Pops and Gigi” came to visit Emma (they say they came to visit all three of us, but that is up for debate!) for the weekend. Robin’s mom flew in on Saturday and his dad drove up after preaching on Sunday morning.

We told Emma about them coming to visit early in the week last week and she asked about them EVERY day, several times a day. She was so excited to see them!

Here are a few pics from our weekend:

Emma and Daddy waiting for Gigi to get off the airplane:


Yeah! Gigi arrived! Emma jumped up and down and squealed when Gigi walked through the door:


Looking at a photobook with Gigi- Emma loves to look at pictures of herself:


Playing dress up:


Showing Gigi how she rides her rocking horse:


We celebrated 3 Birthdays on Sunday night. Robin and my Aunt Judy share a birthday on February 17th. Robin’s mom’s birthday is on February 28th. We have celebrated all together that past several years. It’s so much fun when both sides of our family get together!

Alicia, Robin, and Judy blowing out their candles:



Emma enjoying a pink cupcake:


Emma loved having her two Grandma’s play with her. They are two of her favorite people!:


Emma reading her favorite book “The Holes In Your Nose” with Pops and Daddy:


This was my favorite scene from the weekend… Emma TOLD, (not asked) Pops and Daddy to have a parade with her. Here they are parading through the house. Notice who the leader is and also notice that Pops and Daddy are cheating:


Still parading…


Bye bye Pops and Gigi, we had fun!


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