Beautiful Spring Friday

Emma and I had a great Friday today!  The weather is SO beautiful right now- it was about 80 degrees with a nice breeze. 

We started the day by going to the park with some of our playgroup friends.  Emma was a little bit timid for the first 30 minutes but then she ventured out and tried the slides and she loved them.  She didn’t want to leave the park!  Thanks Kennedi and Eli for teaching Emma to be brave and for showing her the ropes! 



Next we met up with Nana for some spring shopping.  Here are a few pictures showing some of the items that Emma wanted to purchase.  She sure does love stuffed animals that are twice her size!








This evening we met up with good friends Chloe and Coleman (and their mommy and daddy) for some yummy food at Scott’s Hamburger’s in Bixby.  Emma spent most of the time at dinner arranging her food in neat rows.  She did, however, take some time to enjoy a yummy chocolate malt!  She LOVES shakes and malts. 


I have several recent videos to post.  If anyone has a super easy way to post videos, let me know.  It always seems to take me forever.  Thanks!

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