Fun Times with Old Friends

Last week we got to spend some awesome quality time with great old friends from college, The Kreys. 

Conner and Robin have been best friends since the 4th grade in Tahoka, TX.  When they get to hang out, there is just NO telling what kind of madness the wives will have to endure!

Conner and his wife Kathy now live in Waco and have adorable twin boys named Elliott and Oliver who are a little over 2 and half years old.  It is so fun to be able to watch our kids grow up together!  We try to get together about 2 times a year… not enough, but all we can manage living 6 hours apart. 

The Kreys came to visit last week (their Spring Break) and stayed with us from Tuesday night- Saturday.  We had to be very creative to entertain three 2 year olds!  I wish the weather had cooperated with us, but the boys did enjoy getting to see snow- how random!

Rather than going to parks and zoos, we opted for some indoor activities like the Aquarium, the mall, and Chuck E. Cheese’s!  We had a blast.

The funniest thing was watching Emma learn about boys and how they play and watching the boys learn about girls and how they play.  We caught the boys pushing around their matchbox cars in Emma’s stroller- how odd for us not to see a baby in the stroller!  The boys also experimenting trying on some of Emma’s bows.  I’m not sure their daddy was happy about it.


“Look Mom, Emma has these things called BOWS and we just took them all out of her drawer!”



Oliver trying on a bow:



Emma playing dress up with the boys (very enthusiastic, don’t you think?)



The dads hangin’ out at the mall- checking their iphones.



Emma and the boys going for a drive in a play car at the mall:



Eating goldfish in front of cartoons for a pre-breakfast snack:



“It’s snowing!”  This was the first time the boys had actually seen snow falling



Feeding the turtles sweet potato peelings at the Aquarium



Emma loved watching the sting rays



Watching the sting rays:



Getting to pet the sting rays… the mommies and daddies were brave enough to pet them, but the kids just pretended



We had a great time at the Aquarium- can’t you tell by Emma’s facial expression? (honestly, she did have a blast!)



The nightly ritual for the week- jumping on the air mattress before bed:



Robin reading the kiddos a bedtime story “The Holes in Your Nose”



Emma and Elliott coloring on the easel



Jumping on the bed again…



Exhausted after jumping… you’d think they all went to sleep well that night, right?  Wrong!!!!



Working together to put puzzles together


Thanks Conner, Kathy, Elliott, and Oliver for a wonderful week.  Come again soon!

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