Easter 2009

Emma had a very eventful Easter this year!  We started celebrating about a week before the actual holiday. :)  Her first Easter present of the year came from sweet Aunt Judy.

Aunt Judy gave Emma a really funny Nemo book that makes sounds- she LOVES it.  She takes it bed with her every night and we hear the Nemo voices for about 30 minutes after we put her ‘to sleep.’   She also got some cute fish that make bubble sounds and a really cool coral ring that lights up.  Emma was really into the Easter mode after opening these very cool presents.




A couple of evenings later Nana brought Emma an Easter basket  (because we wouldn’t get to see Nana on Easter.)  Emma loved the basket and all of the goodies inside of it.  She got some sparkle shoes, a cute pink shirt, a pink bunny, and some stickers.  Her favorite thing was a bunny on a bicycle that had jelly beans inside.  We had to buy refill jelly beans when the initial jelly beans were all gone. :)  She decided that she’s a fan of jelly beans.



Thursday before Easter we decided to try on our Easter dress- you know- to make sure it fit. :)  Emma loved trying it in.  She danced in circles and made her skirt ‘swish’ like a princess. 



We headed to Arlington on Thursday night after I got off of work.  We had a great weekend with Robin’s family.  (more on that in the next post.)  We started our Easter festivities there on Saturday with and indoor/outdoor Easter egg hunt brought to you by Gigi, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Crystal, and Mommy.  We hid about 40 eggs thinking that Emma would find them in a hurry.  However, she was not in a hurry.  She spotted the eggs with her eyes, but didn’t feel the need to pick them up!  She would have been content to let mommy and daddy do all of the work for her.  Thankfully, she picked up a little bit of steam towards the end of the hunt. 





I love this picture of all of the family looking on… she has such an audience! 



“Look Mawmaw… more eggs on the piano!”



Checking out her loot with Uncle Tommy after the hunt (and after a bath!):




This is the ONLY picture I got of Emma in her dress at church on Sunday morning- it was a wild morning I guess!:



 After church we had lunch at Cracker Barrell. Here are two pictures of Mawmaw, Emma, and Robin: (we were very thankful that Mawmaw and Wes drove from West Texas to spend Easter with us.)




And this was Emma after our Easter lunch- she was EXHAUSTED and fell asleep in Pops’ lap!:


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  1. I just realized that I don’t even remember seeing Emma in her Easter dress. That was a crazy morning!

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