Emma Goes to Elmo!

Last Sunday, April 5th, Robin and our good friend John were very brave and decided to take their “girls” to see Elmo Live.  Emily is about 5 months younger than Emma and they have a lot of fun together.  I was very proud of the dads for attempting this huge feat on their own!  I think the girls felt really cool going on a date with ‘just the dads.’

Robin said that Emma did really well throughout the show but she had a lot of questions and was very concerned when certain characters would leave the stage.  She’d say, “Daddy, where’d the bear go?”  Robin tried to explain that the bear “isn’t in this scene” and Emma was not satisfied with that answer- she wanted to know “WHERE’D the bear go???   I guess it’s hard to tell a 2 year old to just sit back and enjoy the show and not think too much.  :) 

Robin also said that she kept asking to see Elmo “on TV.”  Robin explained that this was “better than TV- we are seeing Elmo LIVE.”  Emma still wanted to see Elmo on TV!  I guess that’s what she is used to!

Here is a picture of Emily and Emma before leaving:



Elmo Live Stage:



Emma smiling at something:



During the 2nd half, Robin, John, Emily, and Emma sat with our good friends, The Webbs.    The more the merrier when watching Elmo, right?

Aubrey, Emma, and Emily had a great time together:


Thanks John and Susan for the tickets- Emma couldn’t stop talking about the show…. and Robin had a great time too!

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