Great-Grandparents’ Visit

Robin’s Grandparents made a stop in Tulsa last Thursday evening on their way back from visiting all of their other Great-Grandchildren in Arkansas last week.  We had a great time going out to dinner and showing them our new house.  They stayed with us on Thursday night and Emma did NOT want to go to sleep- she wanted to play all night long with Grandmom.  She kept making her run from each of the tunnel to play peek a boo.  Grandmom definitely got a work out!

We were AMAZED that Gradmom, in her early 80’s has 10 times more energy than Emma’s parents do in their early 30’s.    What’s wrong with that picture? 


Checking out pics of the other Great-Grand kids on the camera (while eating cheese…. random!):






Peek-a-boo on the other end:



Grandmom sitting at the TINY Dora chair 6 inches off the ground (per Emma’s request):



Emma, Great-Grandmom, and Great-Granddad



“All done with pictures please!”


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