“Where’s Emma?”

One of Emma’s favorite games right now is hide-and-seek.  She thinks it is hilarious!  Daddy is a really good sport about playing hide-and-seek with her in her room- keep in mind there are only so many places to hide in her room: behind the rocking chair, behind the door, IN the crib, behind the curtains, in the closet.  These are the standard hiding places. 

She loves to hide from us too and when she hides she yells, “Where’s Emma?  Come find me!”  Then she usually says something like, “I’m hiding by your bed mommy”, or “Daddy, I’m in your office!”  We are trying to teach her not to tell us where she’s hiding but she just can’t help it.   She giggles non-stop when we find her.

Here are some pictures that were taken after Emma found daddy hiding behind the rocking chair.  She decided she wanted to have her bedtime books read to her from behind the chair… so daddy did just that. 





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