We’ve had the opportunity to watch 2 adorable babies on 2 separate days the past week.  This was so fun for Emma… she normally takes care of her pretend babies, but this time she got to play with real live babies, and she LOVED them!

Last Tuesday, we got to watch sweet Kynlee (6 1/2 months) for a couple of hours in the morning.  Emma was only at home for about 15 minutes before she had to go to preschool- but she adored her and was very sad when she had to leave to go to school.  Just look at Emma’s face in these pictures. 





Does Emma look like she’s gonna be a good big sister or what???


Then… on Saturday night we got to watch Cooper (9 months old.)  He is learning to crawl and Emma decided she could offer some lessons so she got down on the floor and crawled with him.  She was very sweet to him also… except for once when he touched one of her toys and she yelled “MINE!!!”  Guess we have a few things to work on!




Both of these babies were incredibly good-natured babies… Robin and I kept looking at each other going, “When are they going to cry?”  Emma was an extremely fussy, spirited baby.  We wouldn’t change her for the world but we are praying that baby #2 is a tad more easy-going. :)

3 thoughts on “Babysitting

  1. Seriously, such good pictures….I might have to link your blog entry to mine. Is that okay? She is going to be a FANTASTIC big sister. Look at that precious face. Thanks again for helping me out! P.S. I think God blesses parents who had high maintenance first babies with laid back 2nd babies. He did me at least. :)

  2. At least this time around you will have Emma to help!! I know she will LOVE being a big sister and cousin! Glad she is getting some practice. Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!

  3. it looks like emma will be a FANTASTIC big sister!! and i think she will be old enough to help, too…bonus!! :) can’t wait to see our little girls become big sisters…i know it will bless our socks off. hope you’re feeling good!!

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