Emma the Entertainer

Emma loves to have visitors to the house and she loves to entertain visitors even more!

Last weekend Aunt Judy came over to hang out and get her “Emma fix.”  Emma suggested that they play in her pink tunnel.  I’m not sure who’s idea it was to have a picnic inside the tunnel???  Emma kept demanding that she and Aunt Judy trade sides of the tunnel- Aunt Judy definitely got a good workout! 

Emma loves it when Aunt Judy comes over to play.



Nana came over the very next day.  Emma loves to sit on the bench in our front yard with Nana-it’s kind of their “thing.”  It was about 68 degrees with a mild breeze so Nana wanted her to wear a jacket.  Emma insisted that she wear her winter hat also.  Nana told her that she didn’t need her winter hat but she threw a fit when we tried to take it off.  So here is Emma surrounded by beautiful spring flowers with her snow hat on- silly Emma!





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